Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Another Week In Dublin

So I'll give you the highlights of this week because I started school, and that makes things a little less interesting.  Monday, we took a bus tour around Dublin as part of our Irish History class. Our tour guide, Garvin, was pretty awesome. We went to Christ Church and St. Patrick's Cathedral, both Protestant churches. I thought this was peculiar considering the presence of Catholicism in Ireland. We took some pics outside of Christ Church. 

After our bus tour, Garvin took us to a tiny bakery on the South Side. It was delicious. It's pretty tiny, only about 3 tables, but it was great. I had this to-die-for carrot cake. My friends and I find that the times we have the best food and drink are the times we ask the shop workers what to get. They have favorites and they hear reviews from customers, so their recommendations always win out.
Tuesday, a bunch of us went to a club called Dicey's which was a ton a fun. We danced and sang and met a bunch of fun people. Of course, Wednesday morning we had to be at class at 9am and it's a 35 minute walk to class, needless to say, it was a rough morning. Totally worth it.
Thursday was trivia night at a pub on the east side of the city, there were a bunch us just hanging out with our program director, Genevieve. After trivia night, we tried to find some live music, but it's difficult on weeknights after a certain time.
Anyways, it all led up to a beautiful Friday. It was sunny and 70 in Dublin in September, if only I could explain what a rarity sunlight has been. Apparently the Dubs had one of the darkest and coldest summers this year, so we're all just happy this isn't a summer program. We went to Leinster House on Friday, the meeting place of the Senate (Seanad) and the Assembly (Dáil). We got to go into the actual assembly rooms where decisions are made and constitutions changed.
Outside of Leinster House (Ireland's Parliament)

After a really, really good bagel sandwich on Nassau St. we departed the South side to go back to our apartments and prepare for the evening. 2 of my friends and I are currently working on the plans to go to Italy for a week long break we have in November, so we spent part of the afternoon working on the details. 
Then I made some dinner...
Yes I do realize that all I ate was cider and potatoes, but I had to carb-up for the evening. Plus, everyone was very jealous of the delicious smell coming out of my kitchen. Later, we went to a bunch of different bars. Including 3 with live music. There is a place my friend Susan and I love, but we keep arriving right at  the end of the live music set. So we are working on our strategy for tonight. 
For anyone who comes to visit me, know that I'm already planning places to take you!!!!!!
Love you all :))))))))

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