Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday Night in Dublin

Hey Everybody,
SO I wanted to write this before bed on sunday night so that it would still be fresh in my mind. Today was our cliff-walk to Howth, a B-E-A-utiful town just 20 minutes east of Dublin. Unfortunately it poured on us, so we all had mid-day showers while walking the cliff above the Irish Sea. Oh and it was that razor sharp rain that feels like exfoliant on your skin. Anyways, pictures of that are on the way I promise. It was freezing and I was soaked to the bone, but absolutely gorgeous. It was my first experience that really made me believe I was in Ireland. I mean, this place is amazing even in the pouring rain, when the gray sea and the gray sky meet somewhere you can't find. After our trip to Howth, we all came home, changed into PJs and went to bed.
A few hours later we met at a pub down the street, where we are becoming fast friends with (some of) the bartenders. There was an Irishman singing (Irish) country songs in the front, so we went out and had a listen. Before long my friend Tory (from Buffalo) and I were out there singing "Brown Eyed Girl" in front of about 40 people. It was awful I'm sure, but when you're behind the mic it never sounds as bad as it is. Luckily we weren't boo-ed off the mic. I made yet another Irish friend, of course, around 60 years old. He told me all sorts of stories, of which I only heard about every 5th word because he was a few pints for the worse.
I've now realized that there are things I would only have the courage to do here, includung singing in a pub!


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